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Meet Thomas & Vân

Meet Thomas & Vân

Hey there! We are Thomas and Vân, creators of Full of Plants. Here, you will find quick and flavorful vegan recipes, as well as cooking tips. Whether you are vegan or just trying to eat healthier, we are confident you are going to love our plant-based recipes!

Christmas Recipes

Cook seasonally with this selection of warming Christmas recipes! From warming soups to fondue and festive appetizers, you are going to love these cozy recipes.

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Check out these amazing recipes that have received rave reviews from readers! They’re loaded with flavor, satisfying, and simple to whip up!


4 Weeks of Vegan Dinners

Let me do the planning for you! 24 flavor-packed and family-friendly vegan recipes + weekly grocery lists + tips!


We have gathered our favorite recipes and created round-ups of warming soups, French-inspired desserts, and more!

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Vegan Cheeses

If you want to make your own aged vegan cheeses, you have come to the right place. From vegan camembert to blue cheese and cream cheese, we have got you covered!

Matcha Sweets

Matcha is not only for drinking, it’s also delicious used in desserts! Plus, it brings such a vibrant green color!