For Beginners

Just starting with vegan cheese making? These recipes are a great starting point for anyone aspiring to become a cheesemaker!

Getting Started with Vegan Cheese Making

You are now going to enter the wonderful world of vegan cheese-making! Where cashews are blended with cultures and aged for long weeks before turning into wheels of deliciousness. With these recipes, you will learn the techniques I’ve acquired in the last 5 years to create the most delicious vegan cheeses you’ll ever taste.

Most of our aged vegan cheese recipes start with just a handful of ingredients: raw cashews, filtered water, and cultures. The main process consists of blending soaked cashews with the other ingredients until they turn into a cream. The cream is then shaped into wheels by transferring it into springform pans and aged from 2 to 8 weeks. As they age, the cheeses will develop mold, giving them an authentic flavor!

For The Experimented

These vegan cheese recipes require a bit more care and follow a slightly more complicated process. Hence, I recommend trying them after you have gained some experience in vegan cheese-making with simpler recipes.

A Few Tips

Cheese-making requires being patient and meticulous. Even more importantly, you must take care of the hygiene. Here are a few keys that will help you succeed in vegan cheese-making:

  • Use clean utensils. Ensure all the equipment and tools you use are as clean as possible. I’m talking about the blender, mixing bowls, spatulas, cheesecloth, and your hands. The cleaner you are, the better your chances of getting no bad mold. You must understand that good hygiene will be crucial to your vegan cheese-making success.
  • Follow the recipes to a T. We highly recommend reading the full recipe before getting started to get a better understanding of the whole process. It will also help ensure you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment. Do not make any substitutions or omissions, as most of our vegan cheese recipes are not versatile.
  • Be patient. If you make a recipe like camembert or blue cheese, remember that mold doesn’t grow overnight. It might take up to 2 weeks to see any mold sign. The temperature, as well as the humidity, may affect mold growth as well. For example, a too-cold environment will prevent mold from growing as fast as it should.

All Vegan Cheese Recipes

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