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Vegan Fish Fillet on a bed of rice.

I’m so excited to share this recipe! Introducing vegan fish fillets!

These fish, or should I say feesh fillets, have super tender and flaky “flesh” and crispy skin! It’s high-protein (26g per serving!) and takes just 15 minutes to prepare! It’s one of the closest fish alternatives I have ever tried!

Ingredients to make vegan fish, nori, garlic, and tvp.


The base of this recipe is TVP. If you have never heard of TVP, it means Textured Vegetable Protein. It is a dry product that comes in many different shapes, like cutlets, chunks, etc. It first needs to be rehydrated before being used as a meat substitute.

You need TVP slices for this recipe, preferably the large ones (if you can only find small ones, check the metric measurements in the recipe to ensure you are using the correct amount). You can see below two of the brands I usually use.

TVP slices to make vegan fish.

Be aware there are many different names for it, from “Pork slices” to “Chicken slices” or “TVP slices.” Just try to get the ones that are similar to the photo above. All of them are basically the same thing. I found two products online that seem to be similar to the ones I use. You can check this one or this one. Otherwise, it can sometimes be found in the dry section of Asian stores.

Note: Do not substitute with soy curls, chunks, or beef TVP, as you won’t get the same texture. This one has fibrous layers you would not get with the other kinds.

TVP slices soaking in water.

Soak your TVP slices in hot water for 30 minutes or until soft. Depending on the brand, some slices can take longer to rehydrate. Then, drain, rinse, and squeeze to remove the excess water. I usually soak it with a few pieces of nori overnight. Soaking the TVP with the seaweed won’t affect the flavor much, but it does add a little extra “sea” flavor.

Next, drain and squeeze the TVP slices to remove the excess water. Add to a food processor and add the flavorings:

  • Vegan Fish Sauce: While it doesn’t add a fish flavor, it brings umami, saltiness, and a much deeper flavor. Vegan fish sauce can be found in Asian stores, or you can get it here. If you do not have fish sauce on hand, you could try using soy sauce. It’s not the best substitute, but it should work.
  • Garlic, onion powder, and black pepper: I went with basic aromatics here, but feel free to add your favorite spices.
  • Dill: As dill is often associated with fish, it helps create the illusion of a fish flavor.
  • Sugar: To balance with the saltiness.
  • Dulse: Add a teaspoon or two of rehydrated dulse flakes if you are looking for extra ocean flavor. This is optional, though.

Another optional ingredient is mushroom seasoning. It’s a healthier alternative to MSG and helps enhance the flavors. Simply omit it if you don’t have it on hand.

Ingredients to make vegan fish in a food processor.

Add all the ingredients to a food processor and process until it almost forms a paste. Do not over-process, or you might lose the flaky texture. It should hold together when you squeeze the mixture between your hands but still have a flaked tuna texture. Once you have reached the texture below, process a bit more.

Ingredients to make vegan fish in a food processor.

When it comes to shape, there are two ways. You can either:

  • Make fillets: This one will look more like a real fish fillet. It’s best to serve it with a sauce on top (garlic butter or lemon parsley sauce, for example). To make fillets, press down the mixture on a sheet of nori. You can make a simple rectangle shape or cut your sheet of nori in the shape of a fish!
  • Make rolls: Rolls are great for braised dishes as they hold up better than a fillet (recipe coming soon!). To make rolls, cut rectangles of about 2.5×4-inch, place about 2 tablespoons of the mixture on the bottom, and roll it out into a roll. Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch with a tablespoon of water and slightly wet the end of the nori sheet before closing it. This way, the nori sheet will stick, and your rolls won’t “unroll” during cooking.
Pressing down vegan fish on a sheet of nori.

Finally, pan-fry your fish fillets on both sides until golden brown! The nori sheet will crisp up while the flesh will stay tender.

Note: Do not expect this to taste exactly like a fish fillet. It does, however, have a very nice flaky texture, and it’s amazing when served with a sauce or braised! To compare, I would say the texture is quite similar to flaked tuna. If you have made “tofu fish fillets” before, these are far superior in texture!

Vegan Fish Fillet sautéed in oil in a skillet.


Once your fillets are pan-fried, you can serve them as is and top them with your favorite sauce or braise them.

One of my favorite ways to cook these vegan fish fillets is to sauté garlic and shallots until golden brown, then deglaze with a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce, a tablespoon of sugar, and plenty of black pepper. Pour a few tablespoons of water to dilute the sauce and add your fillets. Cook for a few minutes and serve with rice or veggies. The fillets will soak up the sauce and become so juicy!

Close up of vegan fish fillet with nori.

I hope you will love these vegan fish fillets! They are tender and flaky and have a delicate texture and super crispy nori skin!

Looking for more meat alternatives? Check out this Vegan Roast Pork, Vegan Chick’n, or these High-Protein Vegan Burgers!

Let me know in the comments if you try this recipe!

Vegan Fish Fillet on a bed of rice with cilantro.
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Vegan Fish Fillet

Vegan Fish Fillets

4.60 from 5 votes
Author: Thomas Pagot
Flaky and tender vegan fish fillets! It’s definitely one of the closest fish alternatives I have ever tried!
Prep Time : 15 minutes
Cook Time : 5 minutes
Total Time : 20 minutes
Servings 2 fillets
Calories 178 kcal



  • Add the TVP slices to a large bowl or plate and cover with boiling water. Let it sit for about 20 minutes or until the TVP is tender. You can soak the TVP slices overnight in the refrigerator as well.
  • Drain the TVP slices and squeeze them to remove as much water as possible. Transfer to a food processor and add the vegan nuoc mam, sugar, onion powder, ground black pepper, dried dill, garlic, vinegar, dulse flakes, and mushroom seasoning if using.
  • Process for 15-30 seconds or until it forms a flaky paste (a bit like flaked tuna). Add the cornstarch and process for a few more seconds. You want the mixture to hold together when you squeeze it between your hands, but it should still be slightly crumbly.
  • Cut your nori sheet into two rectangles of about 5×2.5 inches. Press down half of the mixture onto each nori sheet to a 1/2-inch thickness. Press it down firmly.
  • Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick skillet. Once hot, use a spatula to transfer your fish fillets to the skillet with the nori sheet facing down. Shallow-fry for 3-4 minutes or until the nori sheet is crispy. Flip the fillets and cook for another 3-4 minutes on the other side.
  • Serve immediately with your favorite sauce on top of steamed rice and/or with sautéed vegetables on the side. For extra flavor, I recommend cooking your fish fillets for a couple of minutes in your sauce.


Calories may be a little bit higher since the fillets are pan-fried with oil.
This recipe is inspired by how vegan fish is made in Viet Nam and some other Asian countries.


Serving: 1 fillet | Calories: 178 kcal | Carbohydrates: 11.5 g | Protein: 26.2 g | Fat: 2 g | Fiber: 2 g | Sugar: 2 g
Course : Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine : Asian
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I made a similar salmon steak using slabs of tofu. It was then marinated in a sauce with beet and turmeric for colour and flavour. I love your recipes and often use them, but “It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken” makes a mean crab cake and as stated, a great salmon steak. Thanks for all your fab recipes.


Kind of rude to not even leave a review of the recipe and just talk about a different recipe developer’s salmon.

This looks incredible. I have lots of Butler Soy Curls. Could I use them rather than the others mentioned without too much textural difference?

Have you considered food-processing/flaking some hearts of palm and adding them into the mix? That might help with both the texture and the sea flavor.

I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but I think I will – with the addition of the hearts of palm!

Hi Thomas,
Any chance to use you veg chicken recipe instead of this tvp? Maybe a bit revisited for different texture.. It’s really complicated to find TVP here 🙁
This being said, great recipe

5 stars
Made these tonight. Mine kinda fell apart, but we ate them anyways. Delicious to us. Served as per your recommendation with garlic and shallots. Going to make again.

3 stars
Love your recipes, but I’m a bit frustrated by the links to Amazon. I know you need to earn a little, but it would be more helpful if the links could take you to an actual product. I can’t find TVP slices, for example, but your link simply takes me to a page of TVP products rather than the specific one (and no slices to be seen!).

I’d hope that clicking on the vegan fish sauce and sweet chilli sauce links would take me to your homemade recipes for these, but just Amazon again.

I’m sorry to be picky, but it’s such a great site otherwise.

5 stars
Do you know one website called Google? It is usually quite useful for finding all sorts of stuff

5 stars
This is now my go-to vegan fish recipe! I have purchased something very similar from an Asian market which we have enjoyed. I’m so happy to have a recipe that is delicious and fun to prepare!

the amazon link to the fish sauce Red Boat Fish Sauce and the associated labels pictured there defines the ingredients as anchovy and sea salt. Definitely NOT vegan.

How many grams is the 8 pieces of tvp slices?

5 stars
Tried this. I followed your instructions on the process exactly but used my own seasoning along with some oil in the mix.

The best no-fish fish that I have ever had. And the protein content is amazing too.