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Spicy Seaweed Tofu Rolls

Spicy Seaweed Tofu Rolls

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Author: Thomas Pagot
Tofu wrapped in seaweed and sautéed with lemongrass, garlic, and chili. This Vietnamese-inspired dish is spicy, "fishy," healthy, and easy to make!
Servings 12 rolls
Calories 201 kcal


  • 2 blocks fried tofu store-bought or homemade
  • 2 nori sheets sushi seaweed sheets
  • 2 tsp rice flour diluted in 1 tbsp water
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • 1 clove of garlic minced
  • 1/2 lemongrass minced
  • 1/2 small chili finely sliced (or more to taste)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • for serving: chopped green onions, lime juice, fresh herbs


  • Cut the tofu blocks into rectangles of 1/2-inch thick and about 2.5-inch long.
  • Heat one tablespoon of oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add the tofu and fry for about 5 minutes, or until golden brown on all sides. Remove from heat and transfer the tofu to a plate lined with kitchen paper towel to remove excess oil.
  • Cut the nori sheets into 3 strips. Cut each strip in half (see photos). The sheets should be about the same width as the tofu, and long enough to wrap it. In a small bowl, dilute the rice flour into the water and set aside.
  • Tightly wrap a rectangle of tofu into a sheet of nori. Slightly damp the top of the nori sheet with the rice flour mixture and finish wrapping. The rice flour mixture will help seal the rolls. Repeat with the remaining tofu.
  • Heat a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add the garlic, lemongrass, and chili, and sautée for 2 minutes.
  • Next, add the tofu rolls to the skillet and sautée for another 2 minutes, stirring regularly.
  • In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce, coconut sugar, and water. Pour into the skillet and cook for another 3-5 minutes, or until the sauce has slightly thickened and coat the tofu rolls.
  • Remove from heat and serve immediately with a squeeze of lime and chopped green onions! You can serve these tofu rolls with rice, noodles, or as is as an appetizer!
  • Tofu rolls will keep for up to 2 days in the refrigerator.


Serving: 6 rolls | Calories: 201 kcal | Carbohydrates: 12.5 g | Protein: 12.1 g | Fat: 12.1 g | Fiber: 2.3 g | Sugar: 6.9 g
Course : Appetizer, Entree, Main Course
Cuisine : Asian, Vietnamese
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