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Are you familiar with jackfruit? If you have never heard of it, jackfruit is a fruit cultivated in tropical countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, or Vietnam. It can be consumed both ripe or unripe.

Ripe jackfruit is sweet and has a texture similar to a semi-ripe mango. On the other hand, unripe jackfruit has no sweetness and a fibrous and meaty texture, making it a great vehicle of flavor!

If you are looking for meaty and delicious recipes that use this fantastic ingredient, you will love these vegan jackfruit recipes!

Braised Jackfruit
Incredibly tender and juicy jackfruit cooked in a sweet and spicy black pepper sauce! Just 8 ingredients and 30 minutes are required. Delicious served on top of steamed rice!
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Spicy Jackfruit Spring Rolls with Mayo Drizzle
Flavorful, better-than-takeout spring rolls filled with spicy jackfruit, green mango, fried shallots, and green onions, drizzled with vegan mayo and sweet and spicy sauce!
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BBQ Pulled Jackfruit Lasagna
Delicious vegan lasagna with layers of juicy BBQ jackfruit, buttery bechamel sauce, and pasta! A quick and easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love!
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Easy Gochujang Jackfruit
Super easy jackfruit that is cooked in a spicy Korean-inspired sauce. Spicy, garlicky, hearty, and simply delicious!
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15 Minute Thai Peanut Jackfruit Noodles
Super tasty jackfruit served with a spicy and nutty peanut butter coconut sauce. Ready in 15 minutes!
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Buffalo Jackfruit Rice Casserole
Creamy buffalo casserole with brown rice and tender pulled jackfruit! A comforting, spicy, and family-friendly dish!
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Hot & Sour Jackfruit Wonton Soup
Tender jackfruit wontons with sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, and shiitakes. Served with a warming and refreshing soup!
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Jackfruit Blanquette
Jackfruit, carrot, potato, and mushroom stew served in a rich and creamy white wine sauce. An easy and hearty recipe!
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Roasted Pumpkin Jackfruit Curry
Cozy and flavorful curry with jackfruit and pumpkin chunks served in an utterly delicious pumpkin sauce. Perfect for chilly evenings!
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Vegan Jackfruit Potstickers
Delicious potstickers filled with a tender jackfruit filling. Soft, crispy on the bottom, and served with a spicy soy dipping sauce!
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Easy Jackfruit “Chicken” Quinoa Bowls
Rich and buttery jackfruit that tastes just like pulled chicken, served with quinoa and spinach. Ready in 30 minutes!
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The Best Vegan Okonomiyaki
Perfectly tender Okonomiyaki that is loaded with shredded cabbage, marinated sesame jackfruit, and green onions. Sweet, spicy, and tangy, Okonomiyaki is a flavorful and hearty meal!
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Vegan Ragu Pasta
This Italian-inspired pasta features juicy jackfruit cooked in a rich and garlicky red wine tomato sauce! Plant-based, 1 pot, and just 40 minutes required!
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Vegan Rillettes
Tender and flavorful vegan rillettes that taste like the real thing! Delicious spread on crackers or toasted bread!
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