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Noodle dishes are inexpensive, quick, and incredibly comforting, making it one of the best dinner option! These plant-based noodle recipes are not only easy to make but also loaded with flavor!

From learning how to make fresh noodles at home, to cooking Pad Thai, mushroom pasta, and ramen, we have rounded up our top vegan noodle recipes!

Homemade Ramen Noodles
Learn how to make ramen noodles at home with just 3 ingredients! These homemade ramen noodles are perfectly chewy, tender, and incredibly easy to make. Use in stir-fries, soups, salads, and more!
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Vegan Kimchi Noodle Soup
This vegan kimchi noodle soup is infused with a wonderful blend of spiciness, sweetness, and richness. The broth is flavored with kimchi, ginger, and garlic, and paired with tender tofu, mushrooms, and greens.
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Vegan Hot and Sour Soup (Bún Thái)
This vegan hot and sour soup is infused with lemongrass, tamarind juice, and pineapple for a wonderful harmony of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. Served with rice noodles, fried tofu, and plenty of greens, this is one of our favorite Vietnamese noodle soups!
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Vegan Mee Rebus (Malay Noodles in Sweet Potato Gravy)
Mee Rebus is a classic Malaysian/Singaporean dish made up of noodles served in a rich and flavorful sweet potato gravy! This vegan version is satisfying, comforting, and loaded with tasty toppings such as fried onions, bean sprouts, chili slices, and fresh herbs!
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Vegan Phở
This Vietnamese classic dish consists of a rich broth infused with spices and served with vegan beef, rice noodles, and fresh herbs! This recipe is as close to authentic as possible!
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Vegan Bun Rieu (Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup)
Vegan Bun Rieu (Bún riêu chay) is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup prepared with a sweet and tangy tomato broth and served with rice noodles, mushrooms, tofu, and fresh herbs. This unique noodle soup is a symphony of flavors and texture.
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Char Siu Beef Noodles (Vegan)
Saucy noodles coated with a rich and garlicky Char Siu sauce, and served with sautéed vegan "beef" and veggies! It takes just 30 minutes to prepare and is better than takeout!
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Mushroom Pasta with Creamy Peppercorn Sauce
This fettuccine pasta dish is served in a rich and creamy peppercorn sauce with sautéed mushrooms and fresh basil. Vegan, easy to prepare, and so good!
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Quick Kimchi Noodles
Korean-inspired rice noodles served with a spicy and tangy kimchi sauce! Fresh, ready in 10 minutes, and so flavorful!
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Vegan Bún Chả Giò (Vietnamese Noodles with Spring Rolls)
Vietnamese-inspired cold noodle salad topped with homemade egg rolls, crunchy pickles, peanuts, fried onions, and a delicious spicy sauce! It's fresh, healthy, easy, and delicious!
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Easy Leek Pasta
This 30-minute pasta dish combines fettuccine with melted leeks for a natural sweetness and a hint of earthiness. Just 5-ingredient, plant-based, easy, and spot-on in flavor!
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10-Minute Chili Almond Butter Noodles
Better than takeout chili noodles infused with ginger, garlic, shallots, and chili! Super creamy, spicy, and ready in just 10 minutes!
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Creamy Caramelized Onion Pasta
Flavor-packed pasta with sweet caramelized onions and the creamiest fermented cashew cream! Just 6-ingredient and 30 minutes for this satisfying and delicious pasta dish!
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Vegetable Lo Mein
Chewy and tender noodles coated with homemade Lo Mein sauce and served with mushrooms and pak choi! This Chinese-inspired noodle dish comes together in 15 minutes and tastes just as good as takeout!
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Vegan Ragu Pasta
This Italian-inspired pasta features juicy jackfruit cooked in a rich and garlicky red wine tomato sauce! Plant-based, 1 pot, and just 40 minutes required!
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Szechuan Noodles with King Oyster Scallops
Rich, spicy, and nutty noodles served with golden brown king oyster scallops! Incredibly flavorful and quick to prepare!
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15 Minute Thai Peanut Jackfruit Noodles
Super tasty jackfruit served with a spicy and nutty peanut butter coconut sauce. Ready in 15 minutes!
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Instant Pot Sesame & Basil Noodles with Roasted Veggies
Garlicky, nutty and slightly spicy sesame and basil noodles served with roasted sweet potato and broccoli! A super easy last-minute noodle dish!
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Quick Spaghetti Arrabbiata
Delicious spaghetti coated in a homemade arrabbiata sauce prepared from fresh tomatoes! Plant-based, 10 ingredients, and ready in just 30 minutes!
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Dan Dan Noodles with Tempeh Scramble
Chinese Dan Dan noodles with a spicy Sichuan sauce topped with smoky tempeh scramble and roasted peanuts.
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Sweet & Spicy Korean Noodles
Flavorful noodles with crunchy veggies, coated with a sweet, spicy and tangy Korean sauce. It can also be served cold for a delicious noodle salad!
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Vegan Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn)
Fresh and healthy easy vegan spring rolls filled with rice noodles, carrots, mushrooms, and tofu. Delicious served with a hoisin peanut sauce!
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The Best Vegan Pad Thai
Delicious vegan Pad Thai with rice noodles, bean sprouts, chives, tofu, and the most amazing sweet-salty-sour sauce! Vegan + 30 minutes!
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Tempeh Khao Soi
Creamy Thai coconut curry soup with marinated tempeh, rice noodles, and peanuts. A flavorful and healthy take on the traditional Khao Soi!
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Vegan Bún Bò Huế
Incredibly flavorful Vietnamese noodle soup infused with chili, and lemongrass and topped with vegan beef, fried tofu, sautéed mushrooms, and fresh cilantro. One of my favorites!
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Easy Vegan Thai Green Curry
This restaurant-quality vegan Thai green curry packs bold flavors and a super creamy and perfectly spiced coconut sauce. It's a dish that takes about 25 minutes from start to finish to prepare, and that will surely excite your tastebuds!
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Vegan Hiroshima-Style Okonomiyaki
Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki loaded with sautéed soba noodles, smoky tofu, cabbage and topped with a soft tofu omelet! Plus it's brushed with a sweet and savory sauce and drizzled with mayo!
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King Oyster Scallop Bowls
Umami-packed bowls with sautéed vegan scallops, spicy peanut tofu, soba noodles, and steamed greens. Tasty, healthy, and nutritious!
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Thank you for the noodle recipe collection! I LOVE noodles. I’m really looking forward to making my own and trying your recipes.