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7 Best Vegan Cheese Recipes

If you are missing cheese since going vegan, and by that I mean umami-packed, fermented, and sharp cheeses, you are going to love these recipes.

Most of the cheese recipes below are prepared using similar techniques to the ones used in traditional cheese making. Cheeses are inoculated with cultures and ferments, and aged for a few weeks to let flavors and mold develop. The results are mind blowing!

Vegan Aged Camembert Cheese
The best vegan aged cheese. It tastes just like a real camembert and has a white and flowery rind!
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Vegan Washed-Rind Cheese
Learn how to make your own aged washed-rind vegan cheese! It's stinky, super creamy, and completely vegan!
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Vegan Blue Cheese
Vegan blue cheese that tastes like the real one! Made using traditional cheese-making techniques and only 5 ingredients. A creamy, sharp, and strong cheese.
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Vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Camembert
Amazing vegan camembert packed with sun-dried tomato flavor. Garlicky, savory, and so creamy! You have never tried anything like this!
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Hickory Smoked Vegan Cheese
Aged cashew cheese that is smoked over hickory wood chips. Smoky, buttery, and full of complex flavors!
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Vegan Ash-Ripened Camembert
Aged vegan camembert coated with black ash and naturally covered with white mold. Savory, full of umami, and so delicious with a slice of whole-wheat bread!
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The Best Vegan Cream Cheese
Rich and perfectly tangy cashew cream cheese that is naturally fermented! Delicious in sandwiches, toasts, or stirred into curries, soups, and more!
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Hi Thomas, I hope you’re having a fantastic day. I requested a copy of the ebook a few weeks ago but I haven’t received it even after subscribing to the newsletter multiple times. I’m curious if there is something I’m missing or its just a technical glitch. Thanks

Hi Tomas, I ‘m having they same problem as Rua… I requested the ebook, but i havent received…

Could You help me woth this request…


Hi Thomas

I have not received the ebook, I signed up last week and again today, but no book.

Thank you so much for developing these recipes. You are who I have been searching for a long time

Hi Thomas
Is it possible to use rejuvelac instead of probiotics for camembert and blue cheese?

Is there a substitute for transglutaminase in the cottage cheese recipe? It is very expensive to buy.

Hi Thomas!
I’m in love with your recipes! Can’t wait to make my own cheese! I subscribed (several times) to your newsletter but I never received the vegan cheese e-book. I also checked my spam folder. Is it possible to have a copy please? I’m so looking forward to it. Thanks so much for developing these amazing recipes! Best*