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15 Mind-blowing Plant-Based Meat Recipes

Whether you are new to veganism or a veteran, if you are looking for meat alternatives, you are going to love these recipes!

From incredibly meaty and fibrous vegan chick’n to flaky fish fillets, and foie gras, these cruelty-free alternatives will please vegans as well as non-vegans!


The Best Vegan Chicken
Amazing vegan chicken that has an incredible meaty texture! You will never believe it's vegan! Plus, it's high in protein!
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Vegan Fish Fillets
Flaky and tender vegan fish fillets! It’s definitely one of the closest fish alternatives I have ever tried!
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Vegan “Roast Pork”
Learn how to make vegan "pork belly" that is crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and with layers of (coconut) fat. You will be surprised by how meaty and real it looks and tastes!
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Vegan Char Siu Ribs
Vietnamese-inspired vegan ribs that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside! Coated with a sweet and salty Char Siu sauce!
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The Best Vegan Foie Gras
Learn how to make the very best vegan foie gras! It's buttery, so creamy, and incredibly close to the real thing!
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Vegan Sausage Patties
These vegan sausages are tender, meaty, high-protein, and can be used in a handful of ways! A MUST-TRY!
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Vegan Pâté
Crafted from a base of mushrooms, cashews, and dried herbs, this vegan pâté is incredibly meaty, buttery, and so rustic! Enjoy it as a spread on French bread, toast, or as an addition to your sandwiches!
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Vegan Braised Fish Rolls
Tender and flaky fish rolls wrapped in nori and braised in a garlicky and spicy black pepper sauce! Delicious on a bed of steamed rice!
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Vegan Pâté Chaud (Vietnamese Meat Pastries)
Vietnamese-inspired pastries filled with tofu, vegan pâté, carrots, and fresh herbs! It's flaky, meaty, and easy to make!
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Crispy Mushroom & Chicken Gua Bao
Fluffy and tender steamed buns stuffed with saucy vegan chicken, crispy mushrooms, and crunchy veggies! It's savory, sweet, and packed with flavor!
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Char Siu Beef Noodles (Vegan)
Saucy noodles coated with a rich and garlicky Char Siu sauce, and served with sautéed vegan "beef" and veggies! It takes just 30 minutes to prepare and is better than takeout!
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Vegan Tender Teriyaki Meatballs
Soft and tender vegan meatballs glazed with a sweet and salty teriyaki sauce! A crowd-pleaser!
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Vegan Chicken Nuggets (So Crispy!)
Delicious, tender, and meaty vegan chicken nuggets! Super crispy on the outside, these are fantastic served with mayo, mustard, or a spicy dipping sauce!
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Hi Thomas,

I would really like to have a plant-based meat style loaf or a roast that can be carved and doesn’t fall apart. Have you any ideas? I just checked your list of plant-based products and I don’t see anything suitable. I have made a sliceable roast joint which was OK, I could hand slice it with a knife to as little as 2 mm thick, but suffered from the usual Wheat Gluten taste. Despite adding quite a lot of seasonings. Doing a little research it seems some Cider Vinegar or Baking soda will help lessen this problem but I have not been able so far, to try again. Do you have any thoughts on this?
Thank you for a really great site it is so informative for us all.